5 Best Handheld Vacuums for Cleaning Bathroom Hair 2021

Our Top Picks for Handheld Vacuums for Cleaning Bathroom Hair in 2021

Owning a handheld vacuum for cleaning bathroom hair is a necessity in 2021 because hair from shaving, brushing or combing can be a pain in the butt because they mess up the slabs, sinks and stick on the faucets which look disgusting.

[Shaving cloth]

One day I finished shaving my hair and beard while looking in the mirror in my bathroom. After the job done, I looked down into the sink and there was a bunch of hair in there. It looked irritating, but later it was funny and I thought to myself “those just came of your head gaddamit!”. 😂😂

Immediately I wasn’t feeling disgusted by the hair anymore since I admired it when it was on my head. I thought of the best way to get rid of hair in the bathroom without touching and immediately I thought of handheld vacuums.

Surfed the internet for handheld vacuums that would perform well after purchase.

I bought a couple that were up to standard and weren’t too. Below I have listed the best performing handheld vacuums for cleaning hair from bathroom in 2021.




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